Serums vs Moisturisers, what is the difference?

by Synergie Skin

Terri Vinson, founder and formulator of Synergie Skin discusses the difference between serums and moisturisers.

Serums are what you are looking for as your primary cosmeceuticals. Serums are concentrated products containing cosmeceuticals that have specific actions on the skin. Typically, they should be delivering high levels of active ingredients directly to the skin cells without breaking down before delivering their action on the skin. They are designed to be applied before moisturising.

Serums are often more expensive than moisturisers. This is because quality serums should offer higher value per ml versus moisturisers. They should contain concentrated levels of actives and are generally applied sparingly as the formulation should provide greater spreadability compared to moisturisers.

Moisturisers generally act by offering broad hydrating properties. Although moisturisers contain emollients that hydrate the skin by preventing moisture loss, they may often contain additional active ingredients that can work in synergy with the partner serums.

Think of it as a cake, the serums contains the main ingredients and the moisturiser is the icing that locks them in, and prevents loss of moisture!

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