Chemical Peels in Darwin

Are you frustrated with skin that is starting to show fine lines or has acne scars, freckles, sun damage, or other visible areas of concern? A chemical peel may be just what you need.

Chemical peels are popular skin treatments used to treat a variety of concerns. They can freshen and rejuvenate the skin by stimulating new skin growth and improving surface texture and appearance. A chemical peel is applied in layers and the results vary depending on the level of penetration achieved. There are three possible depths of peels: superficial, medium, and deep. Chemical peels can be combined with other resurfacing and rejuvenation methods to create individualised treatment plans.

When you come in for your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your skin concerns with you to be sure we understand your desires and expectations. We’ll also take your full medical history to identify any possible contraindications to treatment. Also at this time, we’ll devise a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


  • The controlled therapeutic shedding of the outermost layer of skin during a chemical peel can treat conditions such as:

    • Melasma (hormone-induced pigmentation)
    • Other types of pigmentation
    • Fine lines
    • Acne
    • Superficial scars
    • Sun damage

  • Treatment Process

    Your chemical peel combined with your consultation will take about 45 minutes, with the treatment itself lasting about 30. We ask that you adhere to skin preparation procedures for two weeks before treatment to ensure that your skin cells are regulated and primed for treatment. This preparation allows your skin to respond adequately to treatment, ensures uniform penetration of the solution, promotes even, rapid re-epithelialisation, and reduces healing time.

    Immediately following treatment, you will receive post-treatment care instructions that include making sure the treatment area is equipped with an environment suitable for moist wound healing.

    For the first 48 hours following treatment, your skin will feel dry and tight and look red. On about the third or fourth day, exfoliation of the area treated will begin and last for up to 10-14 days. Regular application of a bland moisturiser will reduce the visibility of this, so you’ll be able to return to work as soon as possible.

    For best results, we recommend a series of six treatments at four- to six-week intervals. Your results will vary depending on the condition of your skin, your adherence to skin preparation procedures before treatment, and your body’s response to re-epithelialisation.

    For pricing information, please see our treatment menu. Contact us today with any questions you may have or to book your complimentary consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve the beautiful, youthful appearance you deserve.